What’s up guys. My name is Justin Page, and I am an incoming Senior at Gonzaga University. I was born and raised in San Diego, California.

I am studying Sports Management with a focus in Kinesiology. My short-term goal is to continue my education by pursuing a liberal arts Master’s degree. I will use this degree to strengthen my skill set as a fitness entrepreneur and combine this skill set with my passion for helping other live an overall healthy lifestyle.

Throughout my life, I have determined I am very good at one thing: Training. No matter how I am feeling, what has happened that given day, my intensity will always be the same inside of a gym. My passion for training has manifested into many skills, outlooks on life, potential job opportunities, and much more. I get questions on the regular about “How do you eat”, “What supplements do you take”, or “Why/how do you train so hard”? Well, this blog is to answer all these questions and much, much more. Topics covered include…

  • Weekly Nutritional tips/recipes
  • Training
  • Motivational reflections
  • Travel
  • Link to a new SoundCloud Podcast

If you have anything you would like my team or I to touch on, please email at jpage333@gmail.com.