Daily Stoic 8/21

The daily stoic is a book with daily quotes and reflections composed by Ryan Holiday. Stoicism is a type of philosophy that has helped me enjoy the moment and get through some tough times. To me, this style of thinking or anything like it is very important to “healthy living.” If interested, I highly recommend purchasing the book. Here is my interpretation of today’s page:

“Don’t be miserable in advance”

My biggest takeaway from this post was there is absolutely no point in waiting for something bad to happen. Waiting, meaning we sit around worrying about this bad thing to occur, before it actually does. Life really is too short to concern yourself with what might happen.

I struggle with this probably more than anyone I know. I have had dialogues with people about it, read in to it, meditated about it. There is no easy way to treat it. One thing I have found is that consciously thinking about the day you have at hand is a way to avoid any sort of self- pressure, anxiety and stress. What I mean by “consciously thinking about the day” is to understand there is an opportunity in this day to do anything you want (positive or negative). It gives me great relief thinking of this, planning a goal or two for the day, and taking action to achieve them. “Let the news come when it does. Be too busy working to care.” (Holiday)

Touched on a bit earlier, life really is too short to sit around and think of the worst. For anyone in a rough patch right now, wether it is self-stress or worse, know you’re not alone. Also know that other people have gotten through these tough times, so you can as well. I won’t sit around and pretend I am some sort of psychologist. Honestly, this post is therapeutic to me in the sense that I can get my thoughts out to the world and maybe it’ll help one person. But all in all, just enjoy the moment. Meditate/pray that things go your way. Crush the day and live in the moment 🙂


Justin Page

Gonzaga ’18


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