Getting Comfortable being Uncomfortable

This Summer, I decided to live in a completely new city (Seattle, WA). There were many factors that played into this decision. One of the main reasons, for me, was for the experience.

When summer started, I imagined I would be going out all the time with friends from school. I imagined dozens of foodie-expeditions, exploring the finer cuisine of the Seattle area. I imagined a seamless transition from my life in San Diego and Spokane, cities I am from and live in for college.

Big surprise, a lot of my friends were busy starting their careers or traveling once I had settled in for the summer. After configuring my total budget for the summer, I really did not have a lot of money to go on many (if any) “foodie-expeditions.” Thus, the transition from previous cities to this new one was not seamless. More often than not, I was uncomfortable. Many times I wanted to just run back to Spokane or San Diego, forgetting the commitments I had made in Seattle prior to my uncomfortable transition.

I had a decision at hand, one that would affect my life more than I imagined!

Fortunately, I realized that I could use my uncomfortable environment to my advantage. Being in an uncomfortable situation requires you to be better, more often. In my personal situation, I worked on social skills, becoming a gentleman, money management, and living in the moment. Always working on myself and my skills, I had less time to worry about how uncomfortable I was. Similar to yesterday’s stoic post, I eliminated the extra time I originally had at the beginning of the Summer, when I realized the next few months would not go like I had planned.

The memories and experiences I have obtained but making myself comfortable (while still living in this uncomfortable environment) will be invaluable as I begin my life as a young professional.

I now know, wherever life takes me, I can make any situation work. And you can, too. Cheers!

Justin Page

(Tim Grover’s “Relentless” is where I got the idea of getting comfortable being uncomfortable; I strongly recommend the read.)

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