The “HLPP” Team

What’s up everyone, Justin here. I am excited to introduce the members of the “Healthy Living with Page Performance” team.

Anna Catherine Wass:


An incoming Junior at Gonzaga University, Anna Catherine will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy this fall. Anna Catherine is studying Communications (with a minor in Sociology), and is very passionate about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. She will be contributing posts about her travels, both places and food, as well as healthy baking recipes! She is one of the most disciplined people I have ever met in regards to eating healthy and working out, so I look forward to seeing what she will bring to this blog.


James Ferris:


James, or “Philosopher Ferris,” will be studying Philosophy at the University of Glasgow this school year. Pursuing his M.A in Philosophy will give him a whole new world of insights and ideals that he will share with our followers. Another passion of James’ is travel, which he will be doing plenty of while in Scotland. His contributions will be focused in the Motivational/Meditational/Philosophical realm, along with whatever adventures he comes across while abroad. Personally, James is one of the most intellectually-sound people I have met, and I know you will enjoy what he has to share.


Will Ferris:


A recent addition to the team, Will is a basketball player at Azusa Pacific University. Like James, Will enjoys exploring the depths of philosophy and how he can apply this to basketball. To reach his potential at basketball, Will has deeply explored the most optimal forms of sports recovery. He will be contributing posts about what is out there and how YOU can apply it to your own recovery. Will is a great resource regarding sports training, intense mindsets, and is going to contribute to the videography development from this blog. I cannot wait to see how Will applies all he has learned from his years of training basketball, using his “gym rat” mentality, to the growth of this blog.


This rounds out our team. I, Justin, am ecstatic bout the skills and insights this team brings to the table. Each offers different outlooks and thoughts to living a healthy life, and we look forward to aiding anyone working to live their most healthy and fulfilling life.



2 thoughts on “The “HLPP” Team

  1. Hey, Justin! Your Uncle Wally (squared) here…the blog looks great and so does ur team….look forward to reading your future posts…best of luck. And, by the way, one proven way to become a better writer is to keep writing!


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