My Review of SSP’s “The System”

SSP- Scientific Sports Products- is a supplement company that is based out of the New Jersey area. Their backbone product is called “The System,” which is a three-way synergistic supplement combination of a “Pre,” “Post,” and “Lean Meal Replacement.”

Personally, I have used the “Post” for my after workout supplementation and I absolutely love it. I do not know if I will every use another post workout powder. I love it because it isn’t just loaded with an absurd amount of protein. Most importantly, it is very high in carbohydrates, which is vital to recovery (not protein!!!). ย It contains more important ingredients (in short) like their spectra recovery blend that has various extracts from vegetables and other important, nutritious ingredients.

For all my love for “Post,” I have never tried either “Pre” or the “Lean Muscle Meal.” Today, I tried all three, in order, to see how the system really works.



Before my workout, I drank about 8 oz of “Pre.” The taste was certainly interesting; a trait I actually enjoy in my pre workout drinks. Why? I realize that there are good chemicals and ingredients rather than just some caffeine, sugar and flavored powder (there is caffeine in “Pre”). As I began to work out, my focus increased and my drive to smash the workout increased. I did not have the jitters, but I certainly had a warm feeling on my face. Overall, I crushed my workout and I can definitely attribute some of that to “Pre.” From someone who has used sketchy (in terms of the ingredients) pre-workout formulas before, “Pre” is definitely the best pre workout I have used.


After my workout, I had an 8 oz cup of water mixed with a packet of “Post.” You all already know my relationship with “Post,” which I consider a vital factor to the reason I have been reasonably lean through out my college career. I am going to be honest- you cannot beat SSP’s blend for their “Post.” It is for people who are concerned with performance. Put this in perspective, all my body building friends; Don’t you need to lift heavy weights to build all that muscle? Why would you drink a typical high-protein shake that has a million grams of protein (that your body will end up secreting most of) over a formula that has the ingredients to help you recover faster andย enhance performance? I understand the idea of trying to just build up weight before you cut. But why not build that muscle naturally with proper ingredients?


About three hours after I trained, I treated myself to a “Lean Muscle Meal” shake. After looking at the nutrition label, this formula is much more similar to a typical protein shake. But it is more than just a protein shake. First off, it doesn’t contain as much protein as the hypothetical protein shake I have been referencing. Since you are using this shake as a meal combined with a reasonable amount of protein in the shake, there is a much higher chance your body will retain most (if not all) the protein you drank from the shake. Also, there are so many more vitamins, minerals and carb/fat complexes that makes the shake a viable meal replacement option. I had this shake as a form of my lunch, and it was able to hold me over until dinner.


I thought that it would be fair to write a little about how I felt the day after using the system. First off, I got about nine hours of sleep. I have not been able to sleep very well (my last post), so this was a good sign. After going through my morning routine and putting the final touches to this blog post, I feel focused and refreshed after a long day yesterday.

All in all, I believe that SSP’s “The System” is a strong reflection of what the company is trying to do. They genuinely care about what they are giving their consumers. They add ingredients that not many other companies do, created a culture within their brand, and go the extra mile to get all of their products approved with the World Anti-Doping Agency. This is a good product and I highly recommend for people of all kinds of training backgrounds to take.

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