Keto Diet Week One


My first week on the Keto diet has officially concluded. Contrary to my initial belief, it has not been that difficult. Doing my homework on this diet has prepared me for what was to come, and here are my suggestions to optimize your first week on the Keto diet:

  • Purchase lots and lots of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is amazing. You can cook with it, you can eat it, you can even use it as lotion! Seriously, if you’re low on fats, mix a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil with a serving or two of peanut butter, and you have the perfect fat boosting snack.

  • Remember how dense a gram of fat is in calories.

It is very important to know what you’re putting in your body. So, if you are interested in switching your body’s main fuel source, you should probably know what is is. A gram of carbs has about 4 calories in it. Fat has 9 calories per gram. Fat literally has double the amount of calories per gram. This is important to remember because you don’t want to eat 10,000 calories worth of fats just to fill you up. I am usually able to get all of my days worth of calories in 1-2 meals.

  • Stock up on eggs and fatty meats.

I have been eating eggs every single day on this diet. I think the other foods I have consumed daily include bacon and coconut oil. Costco is a great spot to stock up on eggs, bacon, coconut oil, and whatever else you want to cook up while on this diet.

  • No carb/moderate fat/reasonable cal snacks are your lifeline

Here is a list of some of the snacks I eat throughout the day: string cheese, cashews, walnuts, peanut butter, peppers, guacamole, 6-layer dip (costco purchase), spinach/ greens with high fat dressing, and pickles. These have helped me ignore carb cravings.

  • My “odd” snacks that really changed the game.

I have developed some very interesting snacks while on this diet. Previously mentioned, I mix a scoop of peanut butter with multiple servings of coconut oil. What gives this this the most flavor, I found, is adding a sprinkle of sea salt. This snack looks terrible, but I promise it is not that bad! My other odd snacks that I have gotten used to on this diet are pickle juice and chicharones. Pickle juice could very well be made of magic; every time I drink it after a long day in classes, I feel rejuvenated. Although I haven’t tried it myself, this “pickle juice effect” works for just about any fermented foods (horseraddish, etc). Chicharones (fried pig skin) are the closest thing to chips and still be no carb, so stock up on those.

  • Intermittent fasting

Everyday I don’t eat until at least 12:30 (but usually later). All I have before that is my “bulletproof coffee” which consists of two k-cups, a serving of butter, and a serving of coconut oil. I can honestly say I like the bulletproof coffee better than regular k-cup coffee. All I have after my coffee is usually just a serving of coconut oil with some peanut butter and a sip of pickle juice. “How can you keep this up?,” you may be thinking.

Well, I can honestly say my mind has never felt more clear. After I got through the “Keto Flu,” which only lasted a few days, I have noticed very clear congnitive benefits. I am able to focus more on tasks, and I rarely – if ever – have headaches. I really do feel like my brain is running more efficiently.


Some other notes about the “Keto” diet:

  • Training on this diet is interesting. I can literally do no cardio because I get winded immediately. Therefore, I only do 3-5 sets of high reps – strictly for strength training. I would suggest keeping the weights modest. Don’t try and lift too much, because you could burn yourself out for the rest of the workout. But also, don’t baby yourself. Train hard!
  • I don’t think my physique has changed much, but I am just on my third or fourth consecutive day in an actual state of ketosis.

Pictures of what I have been eating:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In conclusion, this diet is very interesting. I will say, it is not for anyone that wants to train extremely hard, or looking to build muscle. But if you want to lose some fat, the “Keto” diet could be for you. Do your homework to find strategies and niches that could help you like I have done to make this diet work for me. Stay tuned for next weeks post keto post!

Justin Page

GU ’18


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