Keto Week 2: Maintaining Ketosis- Easy or Hard?

My second week on Keto was exceptional. As my body got used to being in Ketosis for long periods of time, I got to experiment a bit. Here is the sum of my findings.

  • My head is still unbelievably clear.

 I was doubtful that my improved cognitive clarity would increase, but I was wrong. My head is clear. My memory has improved. I am able to think at a better pace than I could have before I started the keto diet.

  • My alcohol-ketosis experiment (and success!)

I was curious to see how long it would take me to get back into Ketosis. I had a couple drinks (that had no carbs) Saturday night. I checked to see if I was in ketosis Monday morning. To my excitement, I was! Here is how I did it. I fasted all Sunday morning; my first meal wasn’t until about 1 o’clock PM. Next, I made sure to eat lots of fats, vitamins, and minerals. I ate about 8 ounces of steak, 4 pieces of bacon, 4 pieces of sausage links, 7-8 servings of vegetables, and a few tablespoons of my coconut oil/peanut butter mix. I am pretty stoked that it only took me a day to get back into a deep level of ketosis.

My suggestion is if are going to drink, keep it to a minimum. Make sure there are no carbs in the beverage you are consuming. And know that, if you have been doing the keto diet right, it isn’t all that hard to get back into the keto cycle.

  • Adjusting my eating schedule.

 When I first started this keto diet, I believed that the longer I was able to fast, the better results I would have in terms of fat loss. But, I have realized that changing up when I eat my first meal may actually help me stay in ketosis longer, and eventually (should) burn fat more efficiently.

By the time I would eat my first meal when I started the diet, I was technically out of ketosis. I was starving. And, it would take me 6-8 hours to get back into a high level of ketosis, just to repeat the next day.

My adjustment was to eat breakfast a bit earlier; trying to keep the fats flowing through my body, always refueling the ketosis process. I haven’t seen any major difference yet, having started this adjustment a few days ago. But, it is nice not being starving for parts of the day.

  • BONUS: When in doubt, eat bacon and fancy, fatty salad dressing!

One challenge I face everyday is what to eat for dinner. Breakfast is easy; eggs, cheese, bacon, guacamole and salsa are my go to. Luckily, I can eat whatever I want, as long as I am not eating too many calories. When I have nothing else to eat or I am a bit lazy, throwing some bacon on the stove and making a spinach salad is my go to. Bacon has plenty of fat, and my dressing I use (blue cheese and chives or thousand island) are also fat-dense. Spinach is essentially a superfood because it provides plenty of necessary minerals lacking in most people’s diets.

2017-10-19 17.41.19

Know what you are putting into your body!

Justin Page

Gonzaga ‘18

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