2018 Summer Fitness Challenge!

What’s up everyone. JPage here, coming with some straight fire.. *silence*

But seriously, if you have opened this blog post, this means you are interested in what I have to say. So, lets get to it.

Summer Gains Free Fitness Programs!

Summer Gains is my free, promotional, fitness plans. They consist of a workout plan, nutrition plan and side by side coaching for the duration of the summer! Yes, I know, bold. There is one caveat, though.

I mentioned it was promotional. Well, what is it promoting? My new brand, “The Life.”

“The Life” is my brand I am going to begin building this summer, after I graduate college. It is a brand focused on helping people live their best life! From nutrition, to working out, and eventually branching out into literature, business, meditation, and so many more things. A brand that is so much more than fancy, stretchy clothes. A brand that stands for the words on the front of the chest.

I believe that the information that “The Life” employees will one day (In the very distant future, lol) provide should be (mostly) free! Giving people the tools they need to live their best life, every day. That is why these fitness plans will be free. I love creating them so much, and I know what they will provide for you. Lets see what is in the plans.

The Plans

Each plan will be completely custom to the individual. Getting plans, of course, is optional. You can choose just a nutrition plan, just a workout plan, or get both! More information will come out as interest grows, participant/volunteer positions fill out and the start date gets closer. Planning Questionnaires will go out sometime mid-April and the official “start” of the Summer Gains movement is (roughly) May 20th.

Now, you may be thinking, what experience do you have?

I have spent hundreds on hundreds of hours interning in fantastic and well respected gyms. I have probably spent the same amount of time picking the brains of my employers, watching YouTube created by some of the best fitness minds in the business, and taking classes in college regarding nutrition and the human body. The only person that actually took a workout plan serious written by me dropped roughly 10 pounds of fat while getting significantly stronger. Seriously, just ask Jake Gilman (@jakegilman16 on instagram, boo Bears).

This is not a stroke of my ego; actually, far from it. I really just want to help people and this is the best way I can at this point in my life. I am looking for a few people to fill some positions:

  • Ambassadors/Group Leaders
  • People in the San Diego Area that want to partake in a workout video series.
  • Anyone with Web Design/Website experience

I am hoping to launch some gear this summer, so lookout for deals.

If you are still interested or have any questions, please message me or text me if you want to be apart of this in any form (send me your email to clarify). These plans will require a good amount of commitment, so keep that in mind. On that note I am so excited about this whole project!!! I can barely wait. The more participants, the merrier. Cheers!

Justin Page

Founder of The Life


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