2018 Summer Fitness Challenge Team

Hello everyone! If you haven't heard, I will be organizing you all into "accountability groups" based on your specific goals. I am SO excited to announce the coaches that will be helping lead these groups! They will also play an integral role in getting all of you the specific nutrition and exercise guides you will … Continue reading 2018 Summer Fitness Challenge Team

Interview with Bobby Congalton, Co-Owner of 1RM Performance

Hello everyone, this here is the first of many interviews I will be doing at HLPP. Of course, it is only right for me to interview my own personal mentor, Bobby Congalton. Bob has not only helped me with training and life, but continues to do so daily with dozens of other high school teenagers. … Continue reading Interview with Bobby Congalton, Co-Owner of 1RM Performance

My Review of SSP’s “The System”

SSP- Scientific Sports Products- is a supplement company that is based out of the New Jersey area. Their backbone product is called "The System," which is a three-way synergistic supplement combination of a "Pre," "Post," and "Lean Meal Replacement." Personally, I have used the "Post" for my after workout supplementation and I absolutely love it. … Continue reading My Review of SSP’s “The System”